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Similarly moon getting complete Paksha Bal, i. These tips are especially important for those people, who are not aware of any concept of astrology except exaltation. Your friend Nikhil has seen many astrologers and beginners, who will automatically declare any planet very strong just by seeing them in their exalted signs. Strength and auspiciousness measuring of a planet is done with the help of all the shad bal and non shad bal factors, just a quick briefing for you all:.

Apart from Shad bal you need to see many other Non-Shad bal factors like, determining:. Like mth lord in nth house. All these concepts are not part of Shad bal. Interactive site for Astrological matters. Consultation Home. Pushkara is a special energy that nourishes.

Interpretation of navamsa chart

Navamsha is the most important Varga. Planet positions in their Navamsha finally decide whether they are strong or weak in the chart.

Therefore Pushkara Navamshas become very important. They are specific areas in charts that nourish and give planets the capacity to fortify themselves. This special Navamsha allow the personality to flourish and its qualities become replenished. It is always the Navamsha ruled by the same signs within the same elements that become Pushkara.

Pushkar Navamsa

Important Observations: While there are two Pushkara in each sign, they do not fall in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius Navamshas Aries, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius are male signs and their Navamsha may use up all the energy available to them to regenerate the planetary qualities. Scorpio and Capricorn are female signs but these are complex areas within signs. Scorpio creates sudden transformation and Capricorn makes planet feel much burdened, even if they are well placed.

The rulerships of the Navamshas are by benefic planets.

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  • Jupiter and Venus rules nine Pushkara each, one in fire, earth and air elements, whereas Moon and Mercury rule one each in Water elements. Pushkara Bhaga Pushkara Bhagas are specific degrees where planets become auspicious to do good. The exact degree becomes very powerful agent for being positive, whereas the Navamsha is still powerful but not as intense as the degree.

    Natal Lagna, Lagna lord, and 10th lords in Pushkara give great strength and good luck to the birth chart. More planets in Pushkara, the stronger the chart. If the Dasha lord is in Pushkara or the lord of Bhava Madhya that are Pushkara, it will give special results in relationship to its significations. Yogakaraka and Yogas formed in Pushkara will give excellent results during their periods. Planet in an exact degree becomes much stronger.

    Vargottama & Pushkara Padas

    But this is also the debilitated Navamsha of the Sun. Pushkara will make Sun strong instead of weak. It is the exact degree in a sign where if you have any planet, then it is supposed to give good results. These degrees are as follows -. My Understanding - Now, my understanding is little different. I can accept that these exact portions or degrees of signs may be auspicious enough to give good results but at the same time we have to keep in mind that this is only one concept of Astrology and not the total Astrology.

    Also, a planet will always keep his basic nature no matter where it is placed. Even if it is exalted in Libra, it is nothing but challenges in relationship Libra. So, basic nature or representations of planet can have impact like many other concepts of Astrology.

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    Also, Planetary dignity will be always at work. Suppose someone has Saturn in Aries at 21 degree. Although it is in Pushkara Bhaga but it is debilitated and it is debilitated very near to its deepest debilitation of 20 degrees. So, we can't say that his Saturn is all good just because it has moved few minutes towards 21st degree. So again, everything is in addition. Dashas - Also, we can never forget the importance of Dashas in getting results.

    So again, everything matters and we can't judge a planet based on one concept of Astrology.

    Conclusion - " Human Life on Earth is Bi-polar in nature. With Life, Death will always exist. With Prosperity, Poverty will always exist. With Peace, Violence will always exist. If you want one pole to exist then its exactly opposite pole will always and automatically exist.

    You can't expect only Happiness to exist and Sorrow not to exist. I hope you got my point.