December 11 horoscope for virgo

Your house will undergo renovation or there may be a change of residence. You will be happy looking at your past successes than strategising for the future. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The western half of the chart is crowded with planets and hence social aspect of your life becomes more prominent. You are dependent on others and your social skills should be exercised to get things completed.

In the month of December , there is no place for assertiveness and enterprise. You require collaboration and consensus. Flexibility to adapt to situations and people is of paramount importance.

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! December astrology predictions foretell that there will be chaos at the workplace and it results in alterations to your career. Your career is impacted by the solar eclipse of the 10th which happens in your House of Career. The corporate structure of your company will undergo significant changes. You can be sure of impressing your colleagues and superiors, partners and competitors and gaining their admiration and support.

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Just one thing. Do not over do any thing. Do not take up anything that is beyond your means and capabilities. Today will prove to be an emotional and engaging day for you, predicts Ganesha.

Here is your horoscope for December 11, 2018

Fortune will favour you, though your emotions may cloud your reasoning and slow down your progress. Your spare time will be spent on devising methods to make the best use of your knowledge. Today, you will use the money to fulfil your needs.

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  7. If there is anything that according to you needs changing, you will throw some money to get it changed. Your loved ones will celebrate your financial gains and spend some more of it in the process. If there has been any limit to the amount of money flowing in, there is certainly no limit to the money leaving your coffers. Try and put on some protective gear today — maybe a suit of armour should do fine, says Ganesha. For, you may find some need for it on this day of mixed fortunes as you miss out the expected and come face-to-face with the unexpected.

    Manage through the day somehow, since the day's distress will eventually give way to an evening of ecstasy and a night of pleasant surprises portends Ganesha. Today, you will aspire to be a master of your own destiny.

    Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

    You will choose your company wisely and plan for success. Polish your presentation skills and you may need to work an extra bit to get your ideas approved, says Ganesha.

    Ganesha says governmental work will be beneficial today. Those of you who are officials in the government will be having a positive and good day ahead. Your family members will show their support for you and this is something that you will need from them. Children will progress in life. This is a good time to take important decisions. In particular, watch your words on Sunday, September 8. The sun in Virgo trines Saturn in ambitious Capricorn, causing verbal slip-ups.

    Your season is always a time for self-reflection. While Virgo is often called a perfectionist, deep inside, you may feel far from perfect. It's common for Virgos to experience imposter syndrome, even when the whole world is cheering them on. You may come alive with creative ideas that could actually be something grand, only to second guess yourself and not follow through.

    Virgo Horoscope – Astrology King

    Fight back against any feelings of self-doubt that accompany this transit. Friday, September 13 is a bright full moon in whimsical Pisces. If you can, make the most of the remaining warm months by connecting with the earth, the element you're ruled by, and meditating outside. If not, spending time near a window with a glimpse of the moon will do.

    Set your intention to come aware of your power and how to harness it. It's no use having great ideas if you are too timid to manifest them into reality. It's not just recently that you've felt confused in your love life, Virgo. Since this spring you've wondered if you are making responsible romantic choices or doing what's expected of you.