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Events taking place now will have a great bearing on your future and will be long reaching in their effects. It is a time when great progress can be made and personal recognition achieved. Your own passions and emotions are hard set against the way things are, your particular set of realities. You are oddly receptive to analysis of your efforts and to the restrictions and restraints that your errands entail.

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Disagreements with authority figures or lashing out at others who restrict you in any way is a strong possibility. An open minded approach is what you need now. Since I was a child my mum has some hatredness for me.. Today am 54years old.. Husband is dead long time ago.. Stupid I am not using drug I am sportive person and I try to have health food.

For your information I will not wait for any…. To disturb or take my time. Times to move for my self for my life.

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Take the fear off my friend. Fear is lack of belief. Have faith. Its all in your mind. Hence it is important to feed your mind with hopes, desires and an unattainable thirst for love. God bless u. No matter what you would do great.

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Live the life u have been given…… and enjoy people their qualities and wot attracted you to them and vice versa. Good luck. Other than that, this horoscope just speaks to me right now. I really do need to put more effort into my relationships, in fact I have needed to do that for a long time now. Thanks for this horoscope. There are only three paragraphs, but there was quite a lot contained in those few paragraphs that I very much needed to see at the moment.

There must be other Cappies out there…………………. These horscopes that you have posted, do not pertain to my life whatsoever in any matter shape or form. I am a December born cappie!!! What the H is going on…. This is a wonderful site.. Write a heartfelt blog post, put together that book proposal or freelance pitch, or consider giving a talk on a main stage somewhere in the coming months.

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Think of how your creative vision extends beyond the art you make and think of the kind of statement you want to lend your voice to. Last month the universe assigned you to choose one big goal to work towards by the end of Do you have it in your sights now? I hope so, Cancer, because October is going to test your level of commitment to your creativity. Let your creative dream become the anchor that everything else in your life revolves around this month. Protect your artistic freedom and let everything else fall around your creative process. Where have you been coasting, Leo?

The month of October asks you to look at where you need to push yourself a little bit more. The important thing right now is that you move. Maybe that means doing more to promote your work; reaching out to some managers, agents, or studios; or hiring a social media manager or coach to help you strategize for The month of October may challenge you to go with your gut more than you would like to, Virgo.

While you would be more comfortable working through a specific plan or outline, the stars this month advise you to be ready for anything. That novel outline you so carefully mapped out may suddenly not feel so motivating.

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The series of blog posts you had planned might not match your mood. The rehearsal times you have booked might not end up being so productive. This is not to dishearten you, though. Stay open to unexpected solutions and happy accidents rather than forcing your ideas to come out looking a certain way. There might be something better waiting in the wings of what at first looks like a bit of creative detour.

It is Libra season for much of the month and that means you are going through a cosmic re-set right now, Libra.

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Things might feel like they are falling together in new ways. You might be re-evaluating where you are and where you want to go within the next year. This is a strong time for you to redefine your artistic practice with a stronger message, or to find new inspiration in the trying times that we are currently living through. How might your voice speak for your generation, Libra? Those are two questions to ponder throughout October. May they help to seed new creative visions for you throughout the next twelve months.

Why is this something for you to pay attention to?

Because that Mercury retrograde is going to be helping you to clean out your spiritual and emotional closets in November, which will make way for a lot of creative space. This month is a good time for you to stay heads-down with anything you have on the go. After a lot of stops and starts in recent months, you are ready to be all-in on your creative work once again and people around you are feeling it.

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