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Well, the Tarot says you might have to wait a while longer for that. Maybe until the last few days of the next waning moon. Cancer, if you have felt trapped in a romantic situation with someone, this card says you will see the light at the end of the tunnel this week. As in, you will finally realize how to extricate yourself from this toxic situation and be free.

So be on the lookout for such moments of inspiration this week.


Are you dealing with a Gemini, Leo? Or someone who is very double-natured and flakey? If yes, be careful around them. They have been using their words to distract you while they steal something valuable from you. Perhaps your time, or your ideas, or maybe even your money! And they are using other people to distract you too without them knowing it.

Virgo, you will find this week quite bothersome.

Aquarius 12222 Love and Relationship Predictions for singles and couples

Mostly because a lot of buried emotions are going to come to the surface this week. And they will cause you a lot of inconveniences. Just remember: suppressing your emotions will only cause them to fester in your psyche. So, address these feelings when they come up. And pay attention to your gut. It's trying to protect you from something. And not just in a physically alluring way.

They are charismatic and have an intensity about their persona. Because you just might find empty air behind it and a lot of shallow narcissism.

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If you have been going through harsh times in your love life, Scorpio, the Tarot says all that is about to change. Because the old phoenix has burned to death now or will wrap up the burning this week , and the new phoenix is now ready to rise from its ashes. Sagittarius, someone is going to offer you a hand of friendship this week. And you will, in all your Sagittarius innocence, embrace it with open arms. Try our free interactive tarot readings, there are lots to choose from.

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Terms and conditions. Customer service enquiries: We recommend buying a package. Customer care enquiries: Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones. Terms and conditions apply. Select your star sign and go to your custom horoscope page with weekly, monthly and annual readings, and articles. Dreams and Intuition Are you in touch with the rhythm of your spirit? Do you know what is making you feel the way you are today? Are you at your best or feeling less energetic than usual? The Moon is asking you to delve into your subconscious, to look for the signs and symbols that […].

Pluto goes direct this week which brings a lifting of clouds and a sense of empowerment and relief. Mercury enters Scorpio bringing depth and intensity and Mars enters lovely Libra urging us to find balance. Create a members account for free. Psychic readings are at the usual premium rate — please see terms and conditions for details. SP: www. Small steps can, over the course of the year, add up to a big leap forward with financial and career gains there for the taking. Education is the key to a BIG step up the ladder. Your pleasure in indulgences will double if you do less of it!

This change in mindset can last a lifetime, and set you in good stead to build and use your wealth wisely versus spend it as soon as you get it. Whether that be the rekindling of an appreciation for, and a connection with, your current partner. Or perhaps it's a friendship which has all the hallmarks of becoming more?

Look close to home for big love potential. Any sense of limbo or frustration will soon pass. Taureans are super romantic people as you have a natural affinity for physical pleasure and sensuality. Follow your heart, listen to your feelings, expect the best. So, march to your own beat in , whatever the hell that means… travelling, sabbaticals, freelancing, moonlighting, retraining, career left-field twists.

God NO, what could be worse, right? But, Gemini, you could have this all done and dusted by February, and then you never need do it again well, until next year.

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Dust off your savings, debts, pension, mortgage, bills, investments. What can you switch and save on? What can you cut back on? What can you make more of? A little bit of effort can go a long way here. Get rid, ghost them, phase these characters out.

Aquarius Horoscope

If the boss or colleagues are irritating, ignore them and focus on the job or leave. Do different to get different results. A move onwards is highly likely by summer. You know, what is all this hard work for if not to grant us a comfortable life? Invest your money in good times, dreams and those you love this year. A slightly older, wealthy Earth sign Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn is on the cards for you in , Cancer!

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This person is ambitious, successful, resilient, strong and stoic - a rock for you to lean on. They can help transform your life and, together, you can achieve more than either could alone. Make that commitment overt and visible in your lives, and the relationship will quickly accelerate to the next level. The first card of the tarot dictates that a new start awaits you in - that could be a bigger role, a whole new job, or even a completely left-field turn into retraining, travelling, sabbatical or entrepreneurial plans. Be led by hope, no matter what others think.

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This year, an opportunity to draw it back into your life permanently will arise and you MUST seize that chance. What you start in has long term potential. Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are driving you nuts this year! That might be as low-key as taking on different responsibilities, or it might reflect a totally new path in the work world.